The Foundations of      Alexandria Church of Christ


The Alexandria church of Christ believes that the Bible is the infalible word of God. We strive to honor God with all that we do and so we consider the Bible to be our authority in all aspects of the church.


We are blessed to be a part of the Alexandria community and we seek to provide sound biblical teaching in a warm, friendly place. Visitors are welcome and we hope that you will join us for Sunday worship or a Wednesday Bible study. 


We hope you will join us as we strive to worship God is spirit and in truth.  Pleasing the Lord is our sole purpose at the Alexandria church of Christ, and we do so with joyful hearts.



History of This Congregation



The exact date when the church of Christ was established here in Alexandria is not clear.  Many believe it was the result of the early restoration movement in America during the late 1800's, when a number of Christians broke away from denominations to worship God, based on "Bible Only" principles, and not man made doctrine.


Members of the Alexandria church of Christ built a meeting house in the year 1835.  It was constructed of logs and located just off the public square on the road leading to Brush Creek.  The log building was eventually replaced with a wood framed structure, and location changed to West Main Street in 1851.  In the year 1935, the wood frame building, in the picture below, was destroyed by fire.  An attractive fire resistive stone veneer building current with the time, was constructed on the same site.  Over time several additions and improvements have been made to the church building. In recent years property adjoining this building was purchased and asphalted to use for parking.  Improvements to the building and grounds are even now being considered.  The membership continues to grow and unity prevails.


Some of the pioneer preachers of the Alexandria congregation are the following: Tolbert Fanning;  W. T. Tidwell;  F. D. Srygley;  H. Leo Boles;  T. B. Larrimore;  Jesse Sewell; Caleb and Sandy Jones.


   Sunday Morning:                    9:00 am

   Sunday Evening:                     6:00 pm

Wednesday Evening:

             7:00 pm


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